Sep 10

Rockaway Taco x The Selby

I have never been to Rockaway Taco but I love it. I love the idea of good, fresh food made by people who really care about what they’re doing. It doesn’t hurt that the video was made by The Selby. If this video doesn’t make you wish that we could have summer all over again, I don’t know what will.

Sep 10

Ikea Cookbook.

Carl Kleiner‘s photos for the new Ikea cookbook seem to be getting quite a bit of internet attention today. Rather than take the traditional approach of focusing on the end product, Kleiner’s photos show the, neatly organized, ingredients of each recipe.
As lukewarm as I usually am about Ikea, I really like these photos.

Sep 10

Adobe Kuler

Old news in the web design world, Adobe Kuler is a Web-based application that allows users to browse, create, and share color themes. It’s easy to get lost playing around for longer then you intended and fun to look at the colour pallets that other users come up with.

After playing around with the site for a while, I realized that my business cards (ordered online from Moo) look a lot like some of the Kuler colour themes…

Sep 10

Port Washington (NYC)

Right after Terry finished his last university course ever we took a little trip to NYC. As always, we had a wonderful time, saw some friends, made some new ones and ate a lot of delicious food.  The highlight of this trip however, was actually a day trip out of the city to a small town called Port Washington.  A friend of a friend had a beach house up there and a bunch of people were going for the day to eat and enjoy the ocean.  We had pretty grey weather but it was warm. The house was beautiful, the people were awsome and we stumbled upon an abandoned mansion (i’m not using this term lightly, there were 3 elevators in this place) with unlocked doors.

Probably my highlight of the summer and a day I’ll be talking about for a long, long time.

Sep 10

oh my.

well, let me just say it’s been a busy summer with very little time to look at beautiful things online and even less time to do any kind of homely improvements. But, September means back to school (for me at least) which also means too much time in front of my computer and lots of time spent procrastinating.

SO, we’re back. I have loads of things to post about and I’ll try not to do too many “This Summer I…” posts…

May 10

Been Around the World… ya ya ya

photo: apartmenttherapy.com – click photo to see AT post about globes.

I have always loved globes. I can remember being small and sneaking upstairs in my grandma’s house to the spare bedroom where she kept a really cool light-up globe. I would sit there in the dark spinning it around and looking at all the colourful countries. Although they are pretty geeky and old-school, I would love to find a really cool, vintage globe for the apartment… perhaps to put on the shelves in the bedroom.
Recently a couple different blogs have featured cool globes that are a little different..

photo: hindsvikvintage.com

The couple over at Hindsvik Vintage (which by the way is an excellent blog and online store) found a really cool moon globe a couple months back. They mentioned in their post that about 1/4 of the globe is blank since it had yet to be discovered. Pretty cool – I like. They also made a really sweet post about dating your vintage globe, really interesting and useful tool.

photo: kitkadesigntoronto.com

On their recent journey to Japan, Jon and Juli at Kitka picked up this gorgeous Corona globe designed by Japanese design firm Nendo. I obviously love the black and white on this globe but I particularly love the stand. So pretty, although I can only imagine how fun it must have been to carry that home on a flight from Japan. Read their post to check out the rest of the cool things they picked up on their trip.

May 10

Operation Design: Eames Inspiration

Operation Design is a non-profit out of NYC that aims to partner highly accomplished architects and designers with public school students to create inspirational spaces and meaningful professional experience.

via blog.modernica.net

The organization is partnering with some well-known street artists for a fundraising auction. Each artist was given an Eames moulded plywood lounge chair to turn into a piece of art (not that the chairs themselves aren’t art!) The chairs will displayed in windows of Barney’s on Madison Ave from May 11th to June 1st, and an online will auction will take place during the same period.

I love this idea although am I the only one who thinks that shell chairs, which were often used in schools, would have been a more appropriate choice?

May 10


Aamu Song’s Tanissitossut (Finnish for Dance Shoes) made me look. Really cute idea and really cute felt shoes all in one.

The red felt shoes with rubber soles are meant for the father and a young daughter to use together. The shoes offer a fresh take on the Finnish tradition of making boots out of felt inherited from Russia. As part of the designers’ ongoing project titled `Top Secrets of Finland´, Tanssitossut also contribute to the effort to keep the age-old industries specific to Finland alive by revealing “the secret luxuries of Finland” to general audiences through the means of design. (via: designyearbook)

Apr 10

Link Dump.

It’s been far too long, but this is what happens when a school year is ending. No time to eat and breath let alone blog. Anyways, in the meantime, I thought I would share some of nice things I’ve seen on the interwebs over the last couple of weeks.

1) Mjolk went to Japan. The pictures are absolutely amazing. I’m jealous.

2) 10 Must Read Books for Architecture Fans (via Design You Trust)

3) DIY Tabletop Terrariums – this has been on my to-do list for a long time. I love the look of them and they are just so simple. Next week, I swear!

4) Shannon Montrose – Animal Photography. These pictures are pretty amazing and really cute. I’m still wondering where she got a giraffe for that photo.

5) MoMa/PopRally “An Evening of Skate Videos”. This event was hosted at MoMa in NYC last fall, but this video just hit the web. Pretty amazing, would have been really cool to have been there.

Apr 10

Could it be true???

Yesterday on of our favourite furniture stores in the city tweeted something very exciting….

Needless to say, this post had me at Modernica!

I clicked through to the website and it’s not up yet but it looks hopeful:

Looking forward to seeing what this is all about, in the mean time, if you’re in the Ottawa-area and you haven’t already, you should check out Found Design.

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